De Hoopbarometer op NPO Radio 2

Hoop volgens “De Staat van Stasse” …

Hoopbarometer en Stasse op NPO Radio 2

24 januari 2017 19:21 RADIO 2/KRO NCRV

LUISTER 4 min. NPO Radio 2

De hoopbarometer zegt: ‘Nederlanders zijn niet hoopvol over de toekomst’. En de grootste conclusie was: ‘er is angst voor de toekomst’. Het risico op apathie en cynisme is groot.ydgik5t2

Vele soorten van hoop

Het gebrek aan HOOP is misschien niet verrassend maar wel jammer. Maar je zou ook kunnen zeggen, HOOP gaat nooit weg. Want ga maar na, HOOP is overal en van altijd.

Maar er is zoveel HOOP, in zoveel verschillende gedaantes, dat we een mooie verzameling hebben gemaakt. Ik hoop dat je er iets aan hebt: luister mee…

Publication of book ‘Driven by Hope’

Published Academic Book – January 2018

Driven by Hope focuses on the central human experience of hope. In particular, it seeks to further a dialogue on this theme between theology and economics – but it also contains input from philosophy and psychology. The volume is the result of an international conference on the theme. The first chapter describes hope as a phenomenon with seven dimensions – it also introduces the Hopebarometer 1.0, a psychometric instrument to measure these dimensions. The other thirteen chapters of the book are grouped in three parts. The first part, ‘Economic Perspectives’, focuses on the question how the study of hope can be appropriated more fully in the discipline of economics. The second part, ‘Theological Perspectives’, investigates hope from a theological point of view, and seeks to integrate this with an economic understanding of hope. The third and last part, ‘Case Studies’, focuses on the role of hope in specific practices.


Masterclass on hope

On December 13th, ILSE and EHERO will organize a masterclass on ‘Hope as a Silent Force’. With insights for entrepreneurs, managers and all other interested professionals.

Everyone knows the concept of hope as it is used in ordinary language. We all regularly express our hopes. Politicians also regularly appeal to hope to influence voters. A hopeful disposition influences much of our behaviour, also in organsations. But how exactly does that work?

The Institute of Leadership and Social Ethics (ILSE), Leuven, together with the Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organisation (EHERO), Rotterdam, offer, in collaboration with the Goldschmeding Foundation, the Masterclass ‘Hope: A Crucial Factor for People, Work, and the Economy’. This one-day Masterclass offers a broad, scientifically based perspective on hope as an influential motivation. You will be presented with findings from psychology, economics, philosophy and theology – all with a view to current practice.

The aim of this masterclass is to make scholarly research accessible to managers, entrepreneurs and other professionals. Thus speakers in this masterclass will illustrate scholarly insights by means of practical examples. Speakers are Prof Dr. Patrick Nullens, Prof. Dr. Barney Jordaan, Prof. Dr. Paul de Blot SJ, Emma Pleeging (MA), and Matthijs Steeneveld (MSc).

This masterclass is intended for economists, directors, managers, business psychologists, organisational experts and HR-professionals, as well as others interested in the causes, effects, and significance of hope in organisations, the economy, and society as a whole.

Download the brochure here.

Practical information
When: December 13th, 2017
Where: Elzenvels Hotel & Seminarie Antwerp
Language: English
Investment: €495, including lunch and dinner
Contact: Steven van den Heuvel at +3216200895 or