The hopebarometer is the project website of the stichting Netherlands Hope Research Institute. This Dutch foundation aims to describe, measure and positively influence hope on a scientific basis. This objective is achieved by conducting scientific research into hope in society and organizations.

By focusing the measurement of hope on specific contexts such as a company or the city, specified data can be collected that provides more insight into hope in the specific context. This insight can be helpful in policy making and interventions to positively influence hope. A short self-test is included in this website.

The foundation is fully dependent on subsidies and donations to obtain income. The money thus obtained fully benefits the conduct of scientific research and related activities. No capital is reserved for spending in future years. The aim is to use the income received within a calendar year after receipt to achieve the foundation’s objective. The assets of the foundation are managed in accordance with the relevant legal regulations. This means, among other things, that financial statements are drawn up based on sound (financial) administration.
The foundation is a non-profit organization. The board members also receive no remuneration for their work, other than a possible reimbursement for the costs incurred by them in the performance of their duties.

The board of the foundation is formed by three people in the position of chairman, secretary and treasurer respectively. This concerns Mr Andreas Beck in the position of chairman, Mr Gerson Veldhuizen in the position of secretary and Mr Bernard Vantieghem in the position of treasurer.

The stichting Netherlands Hope Research Institute is based in Elburg (The Netherlands) with the following details:

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